Ranty Snippet #1

So I was looking at Priceline online shopping this morning, searching for drandruff treatments. Whenever I go to Priceline I have great difficulty finding decent shampoos and other hair products that I can use as I have a very dry and sensitive scalp and skin in general. To my dismay I found this:


Now I know that these things exist and they have to be sold somewhere, but my favourite shop and for $10!? Anyway, I thought I would homour Mr Schuessler so I clicked ingredients, “Each tablet contains 0.5mctg of the mineral Tissue Salt Potassium Sulphate in a lactose base.”
Does anyone know ho much an ‘mctg’ is? No? Neither does the first page of Google results… Even when I search for ‘mctg homeopathy’ I don’t get an explanation. Anyone who can figure it out, lemme know!!

Anyhoo, what is Potassium Sulfate?

Apparently it’s an acidity regulator, AKA Food Additive 515. Is the potassium sulphate only there to preserve the lactose base of the tablet?

According to Martin and Pleasance site they contain:

Calc sulph (Calcium sulphate)
Kali mur (Potassium chloride)
Kali sulph (Potassium sulphate)
Silica (Silicon dioxide)

Calcium sulphate is a firming agent (Additive 516)
Potassium chloride is a gelling agent (Additive 508)
Silicon dioxide is an anti-caking agent (Additive 551)




5 responses to “Ranty Snippet #1”

  1. chopsii says :

    Apparently, 0.5mctg is one half of a “Meth-amphetamine Clinical Trials Group”

    • ilikesnow says :

      Right I saw that and was like yeah it has nothing to do with meth-amphetamine so it’s obviously not that. So how much is that exactly?

  2. chopsii says :

    Seriously though, I found the product on another site: http://www.martinandpleasance.com/products/kali-sulph-skin-balance-125-tablets-schuessler-tissue-salts/

    Here, it’s listed as 6X (as well as 0.5 mcg/pill, so the t is a typo), and 6X is equivalent to 3C, according to the wiki page for homeopathic dilutions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeopathic_dilutions#Potency_scales

    • ilikesnow says :

      Martin and Pleasance own the brand that make it. It’s a pretty popular brand of homeopathy.
      Stupid made up measurements. I love that 24X has a 60% chance of having 1 molecule of original material.
      Also, ” In Hahnemann’s time it was reasonable to assume that remedies could be diluted indefinitely, as the concept of the atom or molecule as the smallest possible unit of a chemical substance was just beginning to be recognized. We now know that the greatest dilution that is reasonably likely to contain one molecule of the original substance is 12C, if starting from 1 mole of original substance.”.

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